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"The Great Celestial Garbage Collecter, Yackerboom, died for mankind's bins"










Klingons visiting this website, please note!  Only Startrek - TNG and later (forehead ridges ON) beings may enter via the Home Page.  Startrek - TOS (forehead ridges OFF) beings MUST use the site map page - No exceptions!









Religious beings!  Due to an ordering duplication we have a large number of excess gods to get rid of!  All beings, even monotheists, must possess at least six deities when visiting this website.  Oh, also you must believe in ALL of the deities in your custody!  WE WILL BE CONDUCTING RANDOM CHECKS!  No use asking, ALL gods having to do with love, lust, and debauchery, have been spoken for!  If it's a war god you're after, apply to the neocons.






Welcome back, handsome!  They'll never pick out Louis von Fly amongst all those neocons and pundits at the Fux Spews Chunder - We Distort, you Deride - even the male ones.











Please do not fart whilst visiting us.  The background image was light blue when we started!  And that was only yesterday!











Invading aliens please note - If you plan to start your invasion at a lonely farmhouse in Kansas, you MUST be in possession of a B-grade License, available from either Direct To DVD Inc., or Made For Television Corporation, offices.  Forget the rumours about Presidents bravely flying fighter planes to thwart you, most of them couldn't find the toilet without the assistance of 50 advisors.  If, however, you hear somebody whisper "Use the force, Luke"  bail out quick smart.













A reunion will be held next year for all of you aliens who invaded earth in the 1950's.  We know how tough you guys had it those days, with everything in black and white, not to mention those hokey special effects you had to endure. Much has changed since those days, although the bimbos still fall over whilst running away from you.  A bit more flesh is used these days and, if you are lucky, a bit of tit. Klaatu is definitely coming, although Ming the Merciless is too busy with his CIA gig.  If you are interested, write to Ichabod Mudd with two D's care of The Mad Scientists With White Lab Coats And Coke Bottle Glasses Against Communism Inc.






Would those alien/s who borrowed George W Bush's brain for medical experimentation please send it back to him, he is going to need it when he loses his present gig and goes back to his ranch.  All those weeds to pull out!






It has come to the attention of the Board that some of you abduction type aliens have been taking old maids up into your flying saucers and FAILING to molest them sexually.  Come on guys, how are old maids going to believe in us if you don't touch them up a little.  Give them a little of the dark side, they probably haven't had any in years.











With the rise of Neocondom, it has been much easier for our members to pass themselves off as human.  If Calamity and Homo, or those sock puppet 'Military Experts', can be accepted as locals, then even you Darleks are in with a big chance.  Even your cries of 'Exterminate' fits right in with those drongos at the Fux Spews Chunder, the news circus you can thrust, owned by that American You Have When You're Not Having An American.













Holland has made a claim for sovereignty over the Falkland Islands, stating they had discovered indications that explorer Abel Tasman once stopped there to take a leak circa 1600.  They are currently examining all rocks on the islands looking for Dutch DNA.  Not wanting to be left out of things, Argentina is claiming Trini Lopez's ranch in the U.S.A., as he is of Spanish descent, also laying claim to Spain, as it was once owned by the Spanish, or something like that.






A beginning is a very delicate time

Know then, it is the year 10191

And you lot have been dead for a very long time.
















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